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Készült 2018. július 13. | írta Attila


Boom laboratóriumok – Első rész

Megérkezett a Boomsday Project-et felvezető rajzfilm sorozat első része. Ezek a srácok sose fogynak ki a humorbonbonokból!

Join Dave Kosak, Peter Whalen, Jomaro Kindred, Hadidjah Chamberlain, and Levi the Intern as they safely explore the wonderful world of SCIENCE . . . Until a completely un-preventable lab accident transports them all to Dr. Booms secret research and development facility, the Boom Labs!

Now Hearthstone’s designers are missing SOMEWHERE in the labyrinthine depths of Dr. Boom’s laboratory, and it’s up to hapless Intern Levi to save them from science run amok!


CAN Intern Levi save Peter from permanent poultry-ization?

WILL he find the other designers?

WHAT will happen when he pushes the big button?

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