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Készült 2018. augusztus 15. | írta Attila


Így készült a Boomsday Project

It takes more than some bots and a few slightly un-hinged geniuses to bring a Hearthstone expansion to life! Join Hearthstone developers as they reveal the blood, sweat, and gloop that went into crafting The Boomsday Project!

The Boomsday Project is Hearthstone’s newest expansion, featuring 135 new cards, Legendary spells and Scientists, marvelous Magnetic Mechs, and more!

If you haven’t visited the Tavern since The Boomsday Project arrived, you can still log in to get a free Legendary minion (or Hero card) and three card packs—both from the new expansion—FREE!

Join us after August 21 to experience The Puzzle Labs, our newest single-player content, and get three more The Boomsday Project card packs when you log in. Act fast, because these free card packs and the free Legendary card are only available for a limited time.


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  • MirmiX

    Áhh mostmár értem, gnómok tervezték. ^^

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