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OVERWATCH over_0727

Készült 2018. július 27. | írta Attila



Ha esetleg kedvet kaptál az Overwatch-hoz a most is tartó ingyenes hétvége alatt, és PC-s vagy, akkor nyilván örömmel fog eltölteni a hír, hogy a játék sztenderd kiadása hétfő déli csupán 20 euró, azaz nagyjából 6500 magyar credit.

As the excitement heats up for the Overwatch League Grand Finals on July 27, we want to give everyone who hasn’t gotten the game yet a chance to join in on the fun—and for a lower price! From now through July 30, pick up the Overwatch Standard Edition for PC for 50% off in the Blizzard Shop.*

If you’re ready to join the fight for the future, bring your big-league aspirations in-game and join 40 million players on the battlefields of tomorrow.

Head to now and join up with your allies while the thrill of the OWL Grand Finals are underway—this offer goes back into the off-season on July 30 at 11:59 p.m. PDT.

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