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Készült 2006. augusztus 4. | írta Hancu


Hogyan öljünk farmbotot PvE szerveren?

PvP flag kikapcsolva, megtámadni nem lehet a nyomorultat, trükközni kell. Íme néhány ötlet a témával foglalkozó fórumból:

“Get a priest from the opposit faction as the farmbot (farmbot is alliance, you have to be a horde priest). Turn PvP on. Mindcontrol the mob the farmbot has tagged for killing. From the moment the farmbot attacks, he will become PvP-enabled and you can start bashing on him and kill him without mercy. Free honor and do some corpsecamping afterwards just to annoy him even more :-)”

“As a Mage, rank 1 Arcane Explosion (or wand) a group of 3-4 cleaving mobs. Stand on top of the bot and wait for them to reach melee range. Let them cleave once, Frost Nova and run.”

“As the demons in Aszhara/Felwood are always popular with the bots its a nice opportunity to put Enslave Demon to use!”

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