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Készült 2007. július 11. | írta Attila


Real Men of Genius: Mr. AFK in AV

Végre a Blizzardnak is szemet szúrt, hogy egyesek csak az orrukat túrni mennek AV-re meg honort leechelni. Én is jót röhögtem azon a videon, amit pár napja postoltunk, de azért – lássuk be – féreg dolog így farmolni a honort. Nézzük, mi a véleménye Nethaerának:

I’ve never gone AFK unless it was because I got pulled away by a phone call or something. If I go into a battleground, I’m there to participate.

We are aware of the concerns that people have in regard to other players AFKing in AV. We are also aware of concerns players have for the future of AV. More than that, I couldn’t say at this time. I know that’s a much hated answer, but it’s what I can give you right now.

I can say that with any battle or encounter, we want people to be participating and AFKing does go against the spirit of what is intended. I think that’s one of the major complaints that I see the most is that others feel they are being shorted their victories because others aren’t helping to make those victories happen. Yes, I’m aware there are other concerns that players have about what they see as flaws in AV, but that doesn’t negate the general feeling of abandonment I see players speaking of when they talk of the battlegrounds. What you are doing when you AFK is basically abandoning others for the sake of yourself and then reaping the rewards of their labors. In a nutshell, it’s lazy and selfish. That is largely the issue that you see other players complaining about. They want to feel they are a part of a successful team or at the least a team that is at least putting their heart into it.

Szóval tudnak a dologról, tenni is fognak ellene, de hogy hogyan is mikor azt természetesen nem árulta el. (Nyilván még ő se tudja.)

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