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Készült 2007. október 1. | írta Attila


Retri buff

Azt suttogják, hogy komoly buffokat kapnak a retri paladinok a 2.3-as patch-ben. Állítólag ezeket:

  • The Tier 4, Tier 5, Tier6 and all Gladiator Sets have had their Spell Damage removed and the points have been reinvested in other stats, such as Strength and Critical Strike Rating.
  • Exorcism mana cost reduced. megerősítve
  • Holy Wrath mana cost reduced. megerősítve
  • Hammer of Wrath mana cost reduced. megerősítve
  • Pursuit of Justice (Retribution) is now 3 ranks and increases movement speed by 5/10/15% and also reduces the chance you’ll be hit by spells by 1/2/3%. megerősítve
  • The benefits of Improved Seal of the Crusader (Retribution) have now been implemented in the base spell. This talent now gives the benefits of the Sanctified Crusader talent instead. megerősítve
  • Sanctified Crusader (Retribution) is renamed to Sanctified Seals, and now increases your chance to critically hit with all spells and melee attacks by 1/2/3% and reduces the chance your Seals will be dispelled by 33/66/100%. megerősítve
  • Two-Handed Weapon Specialization (Retribution) now also reduces threat caused while wielding a Two-Handed Weapon by 8/16/25%.
  • Vengeance (Retribution) duration increased from 15 to 30 seconds and now increases Healing done as well. megerősítve
  • Seal of Command (Retribution) now does 85% Weapon Damage, but is no longer affected by Spell damage.
  • Judgement of Command (Retribution) now does holy damage equal to 25% of your Attack Power and 50% when the target is stunned or disoriented and is no longer affected by Spell Damage.
  • Crusader Strike (Retribution) cooldown reduced from 10 to 6 seconds and does 110% weapon damage instead of weapon damage plus 40% of your Holy Spell damage. megerősítve (majdnem)
  • Vindication (Retribution) frequency and duration increased and now reduces all attributes by 5/10/15%. megerősítve

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