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Visszatérés Pandariába

A 7.1.5-ös mini patch előre láthatólag január első felében fog megérkezni, és több nem különösebben nagy, de fontos újdonságot fog tartalmazni. Ilyen például a Pandariás Timewalking dungeonök megjelenése lesz, aminek nem csak azért örülök, mert szerettem őket annak idején, de azért is, mert egy kis színt csempésznek a kissé komorra sikerült Legionbe. Összesen hat új dungeon lesz elérhető, és új jutalmak is lesznek, köztük egy megvásárolható Jade mount is.

patch 7.1.5, you’ll get to join the denizens of Azeroth in a new journey back in time to the days of the lifting of the mists—Timewalking is coming to the islands of Pandaria.

For players at level 91 and higher, this means a new Bonus Event every few weeks that operates very much like other Timewalking Bonus Events to Outland, Northrend, and Cataclysm.

A Return to Pandaria

When you queue up for this new round of Timewalking, you’ll find yourself heading into:

  • Temple of the Jade Serpent

Rising high above the east coast of Pandaria, the Temple of the Jade Serpent stands as a sacred monument to the legendary pandaren emperor Shaohao’s victory over the Sha of Doubt thousands of years ago. Recently, a disastrous conflict in the Jade Forest unleashed the sha, and several of the entities have raided the temple’s most treasured stores of wisdom and knowledge.

  • Stormstout Brewery

When Chen Stormstout arrived in the Valley of the Four Winds, he journeyed to the renowned brewery of his namesake, hoping to connect with his relatives. What he found was his ancestral home in disarray. Under the watch of the incompetent Uncle Gao, loathsome virmen and unruly hozen have infiltrated the brewery, sparking a destructive revel that will soon devastate the region’s supply of tasty brews.

  • Shado-Pan Monastery

War has spread across Pandaria, and the destructive conflict between the Horde and Alliance has led to turmoil in the majestic Shado-Pan Monastery. There, three malevolent entities–the Sha of Violence, the Sha of Hatred, and the Sha of Anger–have erupted from their prisons. Although the Sha of Anger fled the secluded monastery completely, the remaining sha have begun wreaking havoc on the site’s brave Shado-Pan defenders.

  • Mogu’shan Palace

The ancient Mogu’shan Palace is the last true bastion of mogu strength on mainland Pandaria. Three of their great clans recently gathered at this stunning location to meet with their king, Xin the Weaponmaster. This mighty ruler has formulated a bold plan to unite his scattered people and reclaim the glory of their fallen empire. With turmoil gripping Pandaria, Xin’s lofty dream of conquest could become reality.

  • Siege of Niuzao Temple

Niuzao Temple extends across two fortified islands far beyond a towering wall called the Serpent’s Spine. For years, tenacious pandaren defenders have protected the narrow bridges connecting the isles, staving off any would-be invaders. Yet recently, the mantid created their own bridge–a massive tree root–and seized one of the islands by surprise. Now, these brutal insectoids are poised to assault Niuzao’s remaining guardians.

  • Gate of the Setting Sun

For generations, a massive wall called the Serpent’s Spine has protected the denizens of Pandaria from periodic assaults by the rampaging, insect-like mantid. This brutal race’s cycle of aggression recently began earlier than expected, catching the wall’s defenders off guard. As the mightiest mantid warriors charge the battle-worn gates, Pandaria must hold back the most devastating army in the land’s recorded history.

Timeless Rewards

There’s a new Timewalking Vendor on the Timeless Isle. Mistweaver Xia is waiting to take your hard earned Timewarped Badges in exchange for all sorts of wondrous rewards:

That’s right– this will be the first Timewalking Bonus Event to include pets as rewards. Both of the new pets have a new ability for pet battles: Temporal Anomaly, which significantly reduces the speed of the enemy team.

You won’t want to miss this opportunity to earn valuable reputation with Pandaria factions while challenging dungeons. Every Mists of Pandaria faction holds handsome rewards for players who maximize reputation with them. For example, you’ll be able to obtain Commendations for Emperor Shaohao from Mistweaver Xia, which could lead to a Heavenly Golden Cloud Serpent (mount) or Celestial Defender’s Medallion (toy) for you. If you haven’t yet maximized your rep with Golden Lotus, there are Riding Crane mounts in your future!

You’ve Got Scaled

As with other Timewalking Bonus events, when you queue up for Pandaria dungeons, your power and defenses will be scaled down to appropriate levels for those dungeons on Heroic difficulty. When you defeat bosses in Mists of Pandaria Timewalking, you’ll receive loot that scales with your level, up to item level 830—perfect for characters who are gearing up in Legion dungeons.

Encounters such as Yan-Zhu the Uncasked in Stormstout Brewery or Taran Zhu in Shado-Pan Monastery will once again put you and your party to the test.

We can’t wait to see you there!

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  • Serathis

    Not a single duck was given

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  • MrSkorpio7

    Remélem így már "ok".
    Szóval ha már kisebb változások, akkor említsük meg azt is, hogy a patch után az eventes boss-okhoz (love event és tsai) nem kell ezentúl max lvl-ű karakter, lehet altokkal is farmolni mountot (pl. love eventes rakéta).

    A másik pedig, hogy a wowtokent ezután nemcsak gametime-ra, hanem minden egyéb fizetős szolgáltatásra fel lehet majd használni (szerver transzfer, frakció váltás, game shop vásárlás, stb.).

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    • http://eu.battle.net/wow/character/arathor/Faralet/advanced Faraleth

      kíváncsi leszek emiatt milyen ára lesz a tokennek.

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      • Gumbo

        Én is ezen filózok... érdemes-e bespájzolni.

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        • asd

          már most is 100k fölött van.. bánom hogy nem vettem meg amennyit tudtam miko 60 körül volt

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          • http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/ragnaros/Hokusai/simple evoken

            Én is megszívtam ezzel a folyamatos drágulással, mindig vártam hogy majd visszaesik a korábbi árra de csak nőtt, 50-60-70-80-90...most talán beállt 100k-ra. Viszont tényleg jó lenne tudni érdemes e bespájzolni belőle.

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          • http://eu.battle.net/wow/character/arathor/Faralet/advanced Faraleth

            én azt bánom, hoigy nem vettem, amikor 25k volt 😀

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    • Alastian

      Fel fog menni az ára a tokennek rendesen. Én bespájzoltam egy tucattal, legfeljebb bebuktam egy heti ah-zásomat ha mégse, nem a világvége.

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  • Szolo

    7.1.5 elvileg még messze van a "kékek" nyilatkozata alapján. Nighthold január 14-én, ezt már tudjuk.

    Tegnapi kék bejegyzés: "To clarify a bit, and expand on something I should have mentioned originally - with this I meant the PTR is in flux, and there's a lot of tuning to be done still prior to 7.1.5 and Nighthold's release - but we also don't agree that the state of the PTR is bad. We wouldn't drop a patch with major class changes in the middle of a raid tier, as even we agree that would be silly."

    Vagy bedobják még a jövő heti resetben 7.1.5-öt (nem valószínű a bejegyzés alapján), vagy akkor már január 14 után 5 hét legalább, amikorra már a WF első 15-20 helyezettje kialakult.

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    • http://eu.battle.net/wow/character/arathor/Faralet/advanced Faraleth

      amúgy ha belegondolunk, megint kapkodnak a kieg elején...minden kiegben elkövetik ugyanezt a hibát..40 db M Helya kill van. ebből megint 2500 M Guldan lesz 1.5 éves Nightholddal

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    • Attila

      Valahol azt mondta a Blizzard, hogy az olyan mini patchek megjelenését, mint a 7.1.5-ös 10 héttel az őket megelőző major patch-ek után várhatjuk. Mivel október 26-án jött ki a 7.1, ezért mertem feltételezni, hogy január elején jön ki a 7.1.5. Persze, ha a Blizzard nem akarja tartani magát az 1000x megígért folyamatos content "áramláshoz", akkor kijöhet akkor májusban is. Nem lenne meglepetés.

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      • http://eu.battle.net/wow/character/arathor/Faralet/advanced Faraleth

        lehet nem voltam elég figyelmes, de nekem az rémlik, hogy a 7.1.5 január 14 ÉS egyben a Nighthold nyitás is.

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      • http://eu.battle.net/wow/character/arathor/Faralet/advanced Faraleth

        Blue postot találtam róla, utolsó mondat a lényeg 🙁

        Nighthold =/= 7.1.5

        Edit: To clarify a bit, and expand on something I should have mentioned originally - with this I meant the PTR is in flux, and there's a lot of tuning to be done still prior to 7.1.5 and Nighthold's release - but we also don't agree that the state of the PTR is bad. We wouldn't drop a patch with major class changes in the middle of a raid tier, as even we agree that would be silly.

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