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Ráadásul új nevet is kapott. Mostantól Profile oldalként fogunk hivatkozni karakterünk webes megjelenítésére. Az új design némiképp letisztultabb, mint elődje, de azért még van mit csiszolni rajta. A felületen áttekintést kaphatunk a felszerelésünkről, a pet és mount gyűjteményünkről, az elért öcsikről, a talentezésünkről és a PVP-ben, illetve PVE-ben elért sikereinkről. Valószínűleg én vagyok a hülye, de sehol se találom azt a lehetőségét, hogy más játékosok karaktereire rákereshessek. Ezt kivették? Kicsit le vagyok maradva. Pár dolog már nem elérhető, lehet hogy ez változni fog a jövőben, kicsit még béta szagú a dolog.

  • Az itemek neve és statja csak tooltipként jelenik meg, nincs külön oldaluk.
  • A petekre és a mountokra nem lehet külön rákeresni.
  • A szakmákra és az aréna win/lossra vonatkozó információk eltűntek.
  • A talenteknek nincs tooltipje.

Your brand-new Profile site has a lot of love to give. When you click around your character and dive into the data you’ll see a rich history of everything you’ve ever loved about World of Warcraft: tricky achievements, rare pets, raid progression, PvP prowess and a great deal more. And it’s not just about your in-game XP—the new Profiles look just as good on your phone, tablet or desktop, so you can take your Warcraft story with you wherever you go.

What’s New?


The main Character screen gives a beautiful high-level overview of. . . well, pretty much everything. It also mirrors what you see in-game, so the information you’re getting is not just easier to access, but makes logical sense when switching from in-game to IRL. Your gear has the same tooltips and you can see enchants, transmog info, gems, enhancements, and stats at a glance. Don’t you look good? Scroll a little way past your character and you’ll discover talents, raid progression and Player vs Player overviews. More on all of that below.


Want to know how close you are to 100% on any area of Achievements? You got it. A dashboard of your (undoubtedly many) Achievements immediately shows your progress by area of expertise. Better yet: you can drill down into the data and see when it all happened. Of course, you’ll also see Achievements you haven’t yet earned, so you can plan your play time to up that precious point count.


Here you’ll find your currently equipped Battle Pet team, alongside your full pet collection. The Pet Journal shows the cute and the deadly in all their glorious forms. As in the game, pets are ordered by favorites, then by level. On the second tab, you will find all your mounts ordered by rarity.These journals are a great way to remember when something as rare as hen’s teeth dropped, that time you crafted a pet or looted one from a complex (and angry) boss, or the time you completed an arduous task or quest chain to get that thing you wanted so much. It’s all here.

Raid Progression

Want to count how many times you’ve heard “YOU FACE JARAXXUS!”? Done. Raid progression is shown from Classic through every expansion, right up to the present day. If you’re a stickler for all the gory details, you can drill down into how many times you’ve killed each boss and at which difficulty. The color on the bars shows completion level, with green showing you’ve slain every boss in the instance. Good job!

Player vs Player

We all stand together! Well, some of us do. The rest of us really, really like to kill other players in-game (and that’s fine). If that sounds like you, then here is where you’ll see your Prestige and Honor levels, alongside your rating and kill count. That time you had to kill 500 of each race for the Nemesis quests will make that kill count look very juicy indeed. For the Horde! For the Alliance! For the sheer joy of killing your fellow players!


Feel the love! Or the hatred, depending on your Burning Crusade Shattrath choices and your penchant for pirates. Either way, your best friends and favored factions are listed by expansion. This will help you decide who needs a little more kowtowing and which dungeon to run to max out your standing. And hey, don’t be a Stranger.


If your character isn’t being displayed in its full glory on your Profile page, log in to the game, change a piece of gear and log back out. Refresh the Profile page and your character will be waiting for you (this may take a few minutes). If you run into any issues or bugs when using your new Profile page, let us know on the Website Bug Report forum. That way we can keep everything working beautifully.

What Do You Think?

Let us know your favorite changes, as well as ideas for additional features in the comments. We’d love to hear your feedback!

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  • PTR

    Ra tudsz keresni mas jatekosokra, csak a fenti link a US oldalra visz, en-GBre kell rakni.

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  • Saturas

    -secondary stat rating nincs
    -tertiary stat nincs
    -item source nincs
    -statistics tab nincs
    -secondary stat % kerekítve van valami okból
    -boss kill darabszám nem látszik mouseoverrel
    -recent events nincs
    -recent achievements nincs
    -honor talents nincs
    -375 statos gem ellenben van MÉG MINDIG
    -fegyver relic nincs még most se
    -pvp season win/loss nincs
    -arena max rating nem látszik
    -csak a main spec talent látszik
    -Raid history egyszerűen rossz (Sinestra normal)
    -épp használt title nincs
    -professionok nincsenek
    -kereshető mount/pet nincs
    -not collected tab nincs

    minden kurva nagy és sokat kell görgetni / kattintani, nem tabletre
    kellene tervezni egy wowos cuccot, hanem 4k monitorra.
    Ami hiányzott, azt nem tették bele, de cserébe, ami jó volt, azt meg elbaszták.

    ja és m+ info sincs még mindig

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    • Cordite

      Max a lényeg tényleg kiamradt,de a többi csak a sallang .
      -recent events nincs
      -recent achievements nincs

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