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Készült 2018. február 3. | írta Attila


Hotfixek – Február 2.


  • Fixed an issue where some Nightborne Female hairstyles didn’t have a scalp texture when wearing full helmets.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Gordon MacKellar to despawn too quickly.
  • It has come to Oculeth’s attention that some foolhardy Nightborne were leaving Shal’Aran before being hardy enough to survive. He will now save low level players from their terrible fate by returning them to the interior of Shal’Aran upon their exit.


  • Fixed a bug preventing newly-boosted Assassination Rogues and Unholy Death Knights from obtaining their second Artifact quest line.
  • Monk
    • Casting Storm, Earth and Fire twice consecutively should not incorrectly consume both charges.


  • It should now be possible for more than one player to earn credit at a time for the Stonetalon Mountains quest “To be Horde…”.
  • Reduced the difficulty of the Frostfire Ridge quest “The Den of Skog”.
  • The drop rate for Slab of Venison for the Azshara quest “Venison for the Troops” has been increased.
  • Water Elementals for the Northern Stranglethorn quest “Water Elementals” should now be more plentiful.
  • “Fight on All Fronts” is no longer required by the Insurrection campaign.
  • Gorat’s position should now be more clearly marked on the Horde Ashenvale quest “Gorat’s Vengeance”.

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