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Kalandok Tiragarde Sound-ban


Located in the Kul Tiras subcontinent and nestled between the sea and great mountain ranges to the north and south, the ancestral home of the Proudmoores is a bustling land of opportunity—if you know where to look. Join us as we take you on a brief tour of Tiragarde Sound and the capital city of Boralus.

The region of Tiragarde Sound serves as the heart of Kul Tiras. Nearly bisected by the capital city of Boralus, the land is rich with wildlife in the hills and mountains to the north and south, and its people enjoy the bounty of the oceans to the south, east, and west. It is a realm of people in touch with both the land and the sea.

Welcome to Tiragarde Sound.

Any hopes for a warm reception in Tiragarde Sound will be quickly dashed upon your arrival. Wounds run deep between the Alliance and the Kul Tirans, inflicted by the tragic events that led to the death of Daelin Proudmoore. Your mission of diplomacy will begin on rough political seas, and the journey to redemption will be a long one.

The heart of Kul Tiras is sick with infighting and corruption. Gangs run rampant, while the region’s noble leaders squabble for power and influence. It will take determination to get to the root of all that is transpiring here and restore the glorious legacy of the Proudmoores—the future of the Alliance depends on it.

Boralus is a city beholden to the sea. Roughhewn wooden planks line intertwining walkways, terraces, and stairs. Sea-weathered rooftops and awnings adorn the buildings, while amber-lit windows and walkway lanterns lend honeyed tones to the atmosphere. Stone thoroughfares and hanging colorful nautical flags strike a contrast to the sea-worn brick-and-wood construction, creating a sense of warmth despite the chill of the surrounding sea. The sounds of Tiragarde gulls can be heard crying overhead as you explore your new home away from home.

Iron-reinforced locks in the center of Boralus Harbor bar the way from the sea into the inner channels at the heart of the city, while cannons on either side serve as an additional deterrent to vessels approaching with ill intent. Great galleons make their berth in the harbor, but at first blush, these ships don’t appear to be quite the naval force the Alliance was expecting to find in Kul Tiras.

Things to Try: Feeling a bit overwhelmed by your responsibilities to the Alliance? Take a moment to pet one of the wandering dogs or cats and your stress will slide away. If that doesn’t work, head to Hook Point to watch the fishmongers toss a few fish.

Within the harbor’s Tradewinds Market, visitors will find everything they need for an extended stay in Boralus. Merchants from all over Azeroth are drawn here to hawk their wares, traveling well-establishing trade routes between here, the town of Hatherford, and the fertile lands of Stormsong Valley. Facilities include an inn; three portals to Stormwind, Ironforge, and Exodar; a ship to Stormwind; Profession trainers; a bank; vendors; an Expedition Map; and more. Don’t forget to pick up your ferry pass so you can travel by sea as well.

Mind where you wander in this expansive city, and take care where you wind up. Not everyone in the city is a fine, upstanding citizen, and it’s dangerous to find yourself on the wrong side of town.


You’ll find many more estates and ports to explore throughout Tiragarde Sound. You’ll soon discover the situation among the nobility is becoming explosive, and you’ll need to seek out the source of it all.

To the northwest of Boralus lie the green rolling hills of Norwington Estate, where you’ll be able to delve into Kul Tiran culture, take part in their festival, and embark on a tour. Animal husbandry and horsemanship are important disciplines to the Kul Tirans, many of whom are skilled riders and falconers.

Further north you’ll encounter the Roughnecks, who are responsible for training the gryphons used by the Kul Tirans. You’ll need your cold-weather gear if you plan to trudge into the Waning Glacier and brave the bitter cold winds that blow through its crenellated passages.

While they’re renowned for their naval prowess, the people of Tiragarde Sound are accomplished hunters as well, even going so far as to seek out the terrifying monsters that lurk in the depths of the Great Sea. Those who enjoy a little hunting and fishing will want to visit Kennings Lodge south of Boralus, and there’s plenty of opportunity to seek out game in a land where wild Fjord Mustangs run free—there’s something for everyone here.


Further south, you won’t find a bigger hive of scum and villainy than Freehold. It’s populated by pirates, scoundrels, and those who claim to seek to live free of Kul Tiran control. These scoundrels pose a growing threat to the ruling families of Kul Tiras and are due to be reined in before it’s too late.

*There are three new dungeons in Kul Tiras: Freehold, Tol Dagor, and the Siege of Boralus.

There is much to experience in Tiragarde Sound, and untold dangers await throughout its hills and valleys. Inland, the mountains and forests provide prime hunting grounds. A vast coastline borders Tiragarde Sound to the south, west, and east, where those brave enough can fish, boat, swim, and hunt for treasure—just be sure to bring some earplugs for the sirens on the southern coast.

When you’re ready to venture outside of Tiragarde Sound, the rolling hills and mountains of Stormsong Valley lie to the north, while westward you’ll find the stygian hills and mountains of Drustvar. Your opportunity to earn your way into the good graces of the Kul Tirans awaits.

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