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Készült 2018. október 10. | írta Attila


Hotfixek – Október 9.

A tegnapi adag egyik legfontosabb változása az, hogy mostantól az Emissary cache-ből akár 370-es item levelű cucc is eshet. Persze csak abban az esetben, ha minden egyes slotunkban volt már egyszer egy legalább 370-es cucc.

Azerite Armor caches scale based on the highest item level soulbound gear you’ve picked up for each slot (even if you don’t have the item any more). It doesn’t have to be equipped or kept in your bags.

Raids and Dungeons

  • Uldir
    • Fetid Devourer
      • Mutated Masses will only spawn from one of the two central Waste Disposal Units on Mythic difficulty.
    • G’huun
      • Players are no longer prevented from using spells and abilities while holding the Power Matrix on Mythic difficulty.
      • Dark Bargain can no longer cause players to become mind controlled on Raid Finder difficulty.


  • Justice for the Fallen: Fixed an issue that could cause the Glaive to fail to award credit if used on G’huun during his death animation.

World Quests

  • Emissary caches that grant Azerite Armor can now reward items up to item level 370.

Characters and NPCs

  • Chronicler Ash’tar in Dazar’alor now offers the option to change loa statues between Krag’wa and Bwonsamdi.

Player versus Player

  • Death Knight
    • Unholy
      • Converting a Festering Wound into a Necrotic Wound with Necrotic Strike (PvP Talent) will now correctly grant Festermight (Azerite Trait).
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