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Készült 2019. február 5. | írta Attila


Hotfixek – Február 4.

Dungeons and Raids

  • In Mythic Keystone dungeons, Explosives no longer gain bonus health from Fortified.
  • Battle of Dazar’alor
    • Stormwall Blockade
      • Fixed a cosmetic issue that caused several boats to unintentionally attempt to siege Zuldazar from underwater.
      • Fixed a line-of-sight issue that prevented players from damaging Laminaria as intended.
      • Increased Tidal Empowerment energy gain and Storm’s Empowerment energy gain to 3 per 3 seconds (was 2 per 3 seconds).
  • Tol’Dagor
    • Heavy Cannons no longer kill the Souls spawned by Reaping before they are active.

Player versus Player

  • Items
  • The absorb provided by Diamond-Laced Refracting Prism is now cleared at the start of an Arena or Battleground and is considered a Magic effect for dispels.
  • Bwonsamdi’s Bargain can no longer prevent death while participating in Arenas or Rated Battlegrounds.
  • Paladin
  • Protection
    • Light of the Protector and Hand of the Protector’s healing reduced by 40% when engaged in combat with enemy players.
    • Mana regeneration reduced by 30% when engaged in combat with enemy players.
    • Developers’ notes: With the launch of Tides of Vengeance, the additional healing granted by Hand of the Protector was changed to be based on the target’s missing health, rather than the Paladin’s missing health. While healing is a core element of Protection Paladin survivability, this has proven to be more effective in PvP than intended. Protection Paladins should feel like they can survive high amounts of damage, and heal their teammates in a pinch, but not provide consistent and sustained healing to their teammates throughout a match.


  • Guards who go hard at players in War Mode have been added to Terrace of the Devoted and Tortoka Refuge.
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