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Készült 2020. február 3. | írta Attila



Visszatért a városba a Darkmoon Faire, ami önmagában kevés okot ad az izgalomra, de a patch óta új attrakcióval bővült a kínálat, mégpedig hat különböző arcade játékkal. A szavak helyett beszéljenek a videók!

The Darkmoon Faire returns this Sunday, February 2 with the addition of the Darkmoon Arcade. Seek out mechagnome Lynnish Hardmode the Arcade Proprietor behind the Darkmoon Rollercoaster to take on your favorite Azerothian arcade games including:

  • HexSweeper: A most dangerous game wherein one must traverse an arcane mine field and identify all the booby-trapped areas. Instant death rewards the slightest misstep.
  • Rune Matching: The rules are simple! Match 3 or more runes for points. More than 3 and you get bonus points. If you manage to get 100,000 points, you might unlock an additional level of difficulty.
  • Bull-E: Uncross the wires to fix poor Bull-E’s circuits. There is only one difficulty level: Pretyt easy to insane-o hard. Give up and you have to start from the beginning.
  • Barrels o’ Fun: Keep your eye on the barrel. One barrel will flash at the start of each round. Remember which one it is, and pick it when they’re all done moving around.
  • Remembery: Flip the shells Remember where they are, and match the pairs.
  • Totemic Matrix: To develop harmony with the elements, one must study and understand the interactions between them. The totemic matrix is an ancient training method, a puzzle that will challenge one’s mind and spirit. The object of the exercise is to transform all the totems to water totems. Simply touch a totem to invoke it. Know that all things are connected, a lesson invaluable in this puzzle…as in life.

It will cost 1 Darkmoon Game Token to unlock the console for the day, but you’ll be able to play as long as you like. Your reward? The warm fuzzy feeling of achieving victory in the pursuit of mind over machine.

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  • Kinga Ribizli

    Aztak*rva...aknakereső, memória és candy crush? Teljesen leépült a kreatív részleg?

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    • Attila

      Teljesen. Itt várják a jelentkezőket:

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