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WARCRAFT hotfix_2

Készült 2020. június 18. | írta Attila


Hotfixek – Június 17.

Auction House

  • Significantly relaxed the throttle on all Auction House operations except canceling auctions.

Items and Rewards

  • Heart of Azeroth
    • Acquiring Rustbolt Resistance, Ankoan/Unshackled, Rajani, and Uldum Accord Paragon caches now increases your chance to receive the Rank 4 Essences associated with those reputations.
    • The achievements Azerite AdmiralExpert Expeditioner, and Expedition Leader now increase your chance to receive Rank 4 of the Worldvein Resonance Essence from Island Expeditions.

WoW Classic

  • Resolved an issue with Mind Control between teams of the same faction in War Games.
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