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WARCRAFT hotfix_2

Készült 2020. október 10. | írta Attila


Hotfixek – Szeptember 14. – október 9.

October 9, 2020

Items and Rewards

  • Players can once again locate some of the missing treasures in Spires of Arak.

October 5, 2020


  • Fixed an issue where characters who were in the process of unlocking the Vulpera as an Allied Race were unable to turn in the quest “A Cycle of Hatred” in Grommash Hold.

October 1, 2020

Impressive Influence

  • The Impressive Influence 100% reputation buff has returned and will continue through the entirety of October.

September 22, 2020


  • Removed the flashing spell effect when teleporting out of the Brewfest Chowdown area.

September 15, 2020

Allied Races

  • The mechagnome Allied Race unlock storyline is no longer offered to characters on accounts that have already unlocked mechagnomes.


  • Fixed an issue that prevented Alliance players from completing the quest “Storm’s Judgement”.

September 14, 2020

WoW Classic

  • Ruins of Ahn’Qiraj
    • Fixed an issue that caused Ossirian the Unscarred to not reset correctly when quickly engaging back into combat.
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