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Készült 2020. október 15. | írta Attila


UPDATE: Megújul a WoW app (is)

Kis csúszással, de ma hajnalban megérkezett a WoW Companion App Shadowlandshez igazított új verziója is. Lehet töltögetni a telcsire.

A Shadowlands megjelenésekor a WoW app is új verzióval fog a játékosok rendelkezésére állni. Az appban választhatunk a Legion, a Battle for Azeroth és a Shadowlands között, attól függően hogy épp melyik kiegészítő contentjével foglalkozunk. A Shadowlands verzió természetesen tartalmazni fogja majd az Adventure-öket is.

The Horde and the Alliance face a new challenge within the Shadowlands, but even the most dedicated champions can’t be at their computer all of the time. To stay on top the latest events in Azeroth, you’ll be able to download the free mobile app that lets players take World of Warcraft with you anywhere you go with multiple expansion support—including the new Adventures feature in Shadowlands.

With the updated WoW Companion App, you’ll be able to choose from the Legion, Battle for Azeroth, and Shadowlands expansion to access the content you want on the go, view the latest World of Warcraft news, and set your favorite characters for quick access.

Note: To access each expansion’s content within the app, you’ll need to have first unlocked it within the game.


With the updated WoW Companion App, you’ll be able to delve into your role as a member of one of four Covenants— KyrianNecrolordNight Fae, and Venthyr— through the new Adventures feature. You’ll put your tactical skills to the test in these combat puzzles, including who you’ll send to face them and how you’ll use their skills to claim victory.

  • Start and Complete Adventures: View all Adventures available to your character, the associated rewards and set your Adventurers to undertake them.
  • Manage Your Adventurers: View your Adventurers and their status before you send them on their next Adventure.
  • View Callings Quests: View active Callings Quests and available rewards from directly within the app to help plan your exploits for when you’re in the game.



  • Updated! Multiple Expansion Support: Access Legion, Battle for Azeroth, and Shadowlands content right from your mobile device anywhere you go.
  • Updated! WoW News: Stay on top of the latest news wherever you go.
  • Examine Your Character: Inspect your character’s weapons, armor and other character information. Keep tabs on their power and help plan which pieces of gear you want to go for next.
  • WoW Community and Guild Chat: Stay in touch with your friends and guildmates wherever you go.
  • Calendar: Manage your personal, community and guild events, as well as view upcoming holidays.


  • Track World Quests: View active World Quests, emissary bounties, and available rewards from directly within the app-then plan your adventures for when you’re in the game.
  • Manage Your Missions: Send your champions and troops out on missions for your faction, all while you’re on the go. Collect rewards from completed missions, manage your champions, upgrade their gear, and recruit troops for future missions.
  • Fuel the War Campaign: Conduct research to unlock upgrades and track the status of your War Talent Tree, maintaining the momentum of your in-game progress.


  • Explore World Quests: View active World Quests available for your character and the available rewards from directly within the app, then plan your adventures for when you’re in game.
  • Manage Followers: View your Followers and manage their equipment and upgrades.
  • Train Recruits: Select the troops you’d like to train and send them on missions with your Followers.
  • Start and complete Missions: View all Missions available to your character, the associated rewards, and set your Followers and troops out to undertake them.
  • Research Order Hall upgrades: Upgrade your Order Hall Upgrades or change ones you’ve previously selected.

The updated WoW Companion App will be available for upgrade from the Apple App Store and Google Play with the release of Shadowlands.

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