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Készült 2020. december 4. | írta Attila


Kapunyitás Naxxramasban

A szokásoktól eltérően – már ha beszélhetünk szokásokról a WoW folyamatosan változó világában – a WoW Classic szervereken egy időben lett elérhető Naxxramas az európai és az amerikai realmeken. Nem túl meglepő módon a megnyitás után nem sokkal már ki is pucolta a raidet a Progress névre hallgató guild. Érdekes, hogy tankot nem is vittek magukkal, az összes warrior DPS talenten nyomta. Ennyit arról, hogy mennyivel, ó de mennyivel keményebbek a Classic raidek a retailhez képest. Hagyjuk is ezt, nem is ezért lehet szeretni a Classicot.

Floating above the Plaguelands, the necropolis known as Naxxramas serves as the seat of one of the Lich King’s most powerful officers, the dreaded lich Kel’Thuzad. Horrors of the past and new terrors yet to be unleashed are gathering inside the necropolis as the Lich King’s servants prepare their assault. The Scourge marches again…

Gather 40 brave adventurers to take on the terrors within and reap the rewards such as the Splinter of AtieshCorrupted AshbringerThe Phylactery of Kel’Thuzad, Shoulder enchantments, and nine-piece raid sets for each class, which provide additional bonuses when you equip 2, 4, 6, or 8 pieces from the set.


Druid: Dreamwalker RaimentHunterCrypstalker ArmorMageFrostfire RegaliaPaladinRedemption ArmorPriestVestments of FaithRogue: Bonescythe ArmorShamanThe EarthshattererWarlockPlagueheart RaimentWarriorDreadnaught’s Battlegear


To enter Naxxramas, you’ll gain attunement by becoming Honored with the Argent Dawn, which will unlock the quest The Dread Citadel- Naxxramas. You’ll be asked to gather materials for Archmage Angela Dosantos at Light’s Hope Chapel.  Once attuned, you’ll be able to access a teleport spire that will take you and your crew directly into Naxxramas.

Tip: Materials to complete the quest can be costly, but as you increase your reputation with the Argent Dawn, those costs go down and cost nothing at Exalted.

Bosses: 15
Level: 60
Location: Eastern Plaguelands


There are four distinct wings within the necropolis, each with their own unique foes to overcome before you face Kel’Thuzad waiting within The Upper Necropolis.


The Abomination Wing houses various nightmarish abominations stitched together from the once-living.  A steady stream of toxic slime flows through this wing of Naxxramas; though it doesn’t pose a threat to the undead constructs that shamble about within, the viscous ooze is deadly to those who still enjoy doing things like breathing and having a pulse.

Patchwerk: One of Kel’Thuzad’s most powerful abominations—his strength and speed come as a shock to those that may face him in combat. Far from a sluggish, mindless undead, Patchwerk uses his immense power to pulverize any tiny meat thing that may face him with a flurry of potent, powerful attacks. He just wants to play!

Grobbulus: Carrying the same ooze that flows through Naxxramas within its hulking form, Grobbulus is a flesh giant, the first successful one of its kind, created to build a formidable army capable of quickly spreading the undead plague.

Gluth: The undead plague-dog Gluth sits obediently within Naxxramas, awaiting orders from his masters. No doggie biscuit can satisfy Gluth’s ravenous hunger. It is rumored that Gluth can easily devour an army of undead on a daily basis, which Gluth uses to knit his own decaying flesh back together.

Thaddius: Pieced together from the flesh of the innocent, this massive abomination dwells in one of Naxxramas’ experimental laboratories, flanked by two huge wights—Stalagg and Feugen. Powerful bolts of electricity arc through the laboratory, supercharging Thaddius and his wight minions.


Many of the humans and their loyal mounts who were once soldiers in Lordaeron’s army now find their martial talents put to use in Naxxramas’s Military Quarter. Here, in service to Kel’Thuzad and the Lich King, they hone their skills far past what they could have accomplished in life. Leaders, trainers, and military coordinators—all use their talents to coordinate the Scourge into a powerful fighting force rather than a mindless horde. Many Deathknights begin their training within this quarter under the direction of its powerful lieutenants.

Instructor Razuvious: Trainer of the Deathknights, the fiercest and most loyal of the Lich King’s servants, his strikes are sure and deadly. It’s rumored that only students under his tutelage can withstand even a single blow of his deadly runeblade.

Gothik the Harvester: Master of necromancy, he teaches young Deathknights the power of summoning the undead to their aid. Even the most novice Deathknight can call the lifeless from their graves, thanks to Gothik’s dark and sinister techniques. Ghosts, ghouls, skeletons—none are safe from Gothik’s influence.

The Four Horsemen: Kel’Thuzad’s royal guard can be found in the Four Horsemen, each with their own twisted powers at their disposal:

  • Lady Blaumeux is a master of the shadow, able to drain the essence of life from those she encounters.
  • Thane Korth’azz controls the destructive power of fire and can even call forth fiery meteors from the skies.
  • Sir Zeliek was once a paladin, so powerful in life that he can still wield the Light in death.
  • Highlord Mograine is the finest warrior the deathknights have ever seen.

Rife with monstrosities twisted by the undead plague, the Plague Quarter produces and refines the plague into highly efficient weapons, bent on destroying all of humanity as a part of Kel’Thuzad’s undead army.

Noth the Plaguebringer: Once a reputable mage of Dalaran, who heard the Lich King’s call in much the same way Kel’Thuzad did. Also driven by power, he accepted the summons to serve the Scourge’s needs with his skills in necromancy and curse-weaving. However, when Noth saw that the Third War was taking numerous innocent lives, he began second-guessing his decision to join Kel’Thuzad. Kel’Thuzad swiftly dealt with Noth’s growing compassion by freezing the living heart in Noth’s chest.

Heigan the Unclean: The mastermind behind the magic of the cauldrons that quickly spread the undead plague through Lordaeron, corrupting not just the humans but flora and fauna in the area as well. The entire wilderness surrounding Lordaeron is now referred to as “the Plaguelands”—thanks in no small part to Heigan’s handiwork.

Loaetheb: A prime example of how the plague manifested in the local flora and fauna is the twisted fen creeper Loatheb. In a twisted mockery of the plant kingdom’s natural ability to regenerate, Loatheb can summon deadly spores that quickly spread a sickening miasma that turns magical healing arts against those who wield them.


The Arachnid Quarter houses undead nerubians, an ancient race of intelligent arachnoid beings. Normally highly reclusive and suspicious of outsiders, living nerubians fought valiantly against the undead Scourge but were overwhelmed by their numbers. While living nerubians were immune to the undead plague, nothing could prevent the Lich King from bringing back the fallen to join the Scourge in undeath.

Anub’Rekhan: One of the minions raised by the Lich King was the Crypt Lord Anub’Rekhan. In life, he was one of the nerubians’ most powerful lords. Now, he guards the doors of the Spider Wing.

Grand Widow Faerlina: Once one of the high-ranking members of the Cult of the Damned under Kel’Thuzad, in death, she breeds and takes care of the seemingly endless amount of arachnids that swarm from the depths of the citadel. A master of poisons, she has a keen understanding of what makes mortals suffer.

Maexxna: A massive spider taken from the depths of Northrend. She feasts on those foolish enough to enter the necropolis, producing spider after spider that Kel’Thuzad uses to his own foul ends.


At the pinnacle of Naxxramas awaits Kel’Thuzad himself, who is protected by the ancient skeletal frostwyrm Sapphiron.

Sapphiron: Once one of Malygos’ blue dragonflight, Sapphiron was slain by Arthas Menethil and raised from the dead to guard Kel’Thuzad for all of eternity. Like many of the blue dragonflight, Sapphiron had immense magical power, which was only magnified by the fact that the Lich King personally resurrected him to serve the Scourge. The chill of frost is at his command, and he uses his magic to defend Kel’Thuzad at all costs.

Kel’Thuzad: The lich known as Kel’Thuzad sits at the seat of power within Naxxramas, coordinating the normally mindless Scourge into a fighting force for the Lich King.

Visit Wowhead for their complete guide to Naxxramas, including tips and tricks to defeat each boss.

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  1. evoken mondja:

    Ne felejtsük el hogy a Progress swappinggel nyert (az insta elött vártak tökig buffolt karakterek és ha valaki meghalt bent akkor azt kidobták és jött az uj) és ugye mindenki privát serveren gyakorolta elötte, akár évekig is. Ez bármelyik retail raiddel ugyanilyen eredményt hozna. Érdekesség, hogy mennyi consumable ment el, néztem az APES streamjét, brutális előkészület van ezekben a killekben. Akár sokszáz/ezer gold is elpöröghet egy-egy killen/wipeon. 🙂

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    • Attila mondja:

      Azóta még lenyomta másik 63 guild is.

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      • evoken mondja:

        Ha azt vesszük hogy hosszu évekig léteztek privát serverek aktiv közösséggel (ahol vélhetöen egy sokkal durvább naxxal találkoztak) nem meglepö, hogy párezer player elsöre lenyomja ezt a bugmentes, leggyengébb, lenerfelt naxxot, végletekig minmaxolt karakterekkel, stbstbstb. Valojában teljesen irreleváns a nehézség kérdése, aki fel akart/tudott készülni elöre az elsö este megölhette. Pont. Én mondjuk pont azt élvezem benne hogy teljesen figyelmen kivül hagytam minden informáciot (najo, t3hoz összegyüjtöttem már ami kell:)), csak taktikát nézek bossokra és ennyi. Azért még apesék is elég szépen hullottak el idönként, átlag raiderként nem lesz ez annyira könnyü menet és szerintem egyedül ez a lényeg.

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  2. Benediction mondja:

    Hát kicsit elkeseredtem, de valahol a lelkem mélyén erre is számítottam. Végül is a WoW is attól maradt piacvezető máig, hogy egyre szélesebb közönség számára hozta el a sikerélményt. Anno talán egy ezrelék, ha átélhette ezt a sikert, most már talán 20% is megtapasztalhatja.
    A sikerélményért a játékos befizeti a havidíjat, a recept működik.

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    • Benediction mondja:

      Kedvelem a streamert, de azért nem egy Nagura/RicketToo/djarii.
      Anno mi örültünk, hogy első este lement már 2 boss. Nem 6...

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  3. Attila mondja:


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  4. tntmaxy mondja:

    Megnéztem a Progess guild videóját, gratulálok nekik a speedkillhez.

    Elég látványos, de én kiábrándítónak találtam.
    Maximális class stack, maximum buffok, de olyan szinten amihez nagyon durva előkészületek kellenek (ide-oda summonlni egy komplett raidet).
    A nehézségi szintet ilyen buffok mellett úgy kell elképzelni mint egy Mythic raid lebutítva LFR szintre és mindezt úgy hogy végletekig begyakorolták előtte test realmen, privát szerveren. A skill faktort teljesen kivonták a képletből, kb abba tudsz csak belehalni/wipeolni ha nem mész ki a void zoneból vagy esztelenül behúzol több trash packet.
    Ennél még a Lich King kiegészítős agyonnerfelt Naxx is nagyobb kihívás.

    Bocs mindenkitől, nem toxikus kommentnek szántam, csak szomorú volt látni ahogy megalázzák ezt a legendás raid instát brute force módszerrel.
    Mégegyszer elnézést.

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